Scandi Rustic


Scandi Rustic, Creating a Cozy & Happy Home

Award-winning bloggers and instagrammers Reena Simons and Rebecca Lawson are renowned for their love affair with all things Scandi. 
Their first book, Scandi Rustic Style, they reveal how to create a home that takes elements of Scandinavian design and introduces rustic natural materials and textures to create a Scandi-inspired interior that is cozy, relaxed, and inviting.
Come with Rebecca and Reena on a journey that takes in the very best in Scandi Rustic homes. Whether you live in an urban apartment, a country cottage, or a blank-canvas new-build, this relaxed, sustainable, modern rustic style will work perfectly for your home.

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: October 2020

Authors: Rebecca Lawson, Reena Simons